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Some days ago I was taking a stroll in the center when I saw a photographic set with two models, dressed by the italian brand Falconeri.
After they finished the fashion shooting, I was brave enough to ask them to pose for me too.
They were so sweet and accepted, allowing me to take my first fashion pictures.
It’s amazing how they kept on being poised and smiley during my goofy takes.
When I left I started thinking how much I can learn from their job.
Could life be easier if I remember to strike a pose and smile when everything around me is messing up?
There are tons of self help books that suggest to fake calm and happiness to start feeling them.  Isn’t the same lesson that Mary Poppins taught to Jane and Michael when she fed them “a spoon
full of sugar”? So I made my decision.

Dear son, next time you’ll start crying and kicking around without a reason in the middle of the crowd, know that your Mom will just follow Madonna’s steps in Vogue.

1st Ps. Dear boss, you’ll have the same reaction when you’ll ask me to do the work of three others.
2nd Ps. Sorry, girls, I don’t have the model’s number…
Qualche giorno fa mentre passeggiavo in centro, mi sono imbattuta in un set fotografico, con due modelli che indossavano abiti del brand italiano Falconeri.
Quando hanno finito di posare, sono stata tanto incosciente da chiedere loro di posare anche per me.
Inaspettatamente hanno accettato, dimostrandosi estremamente cordiali e carini,  e permettendomi di vivere la mia prima volta da fotografa di moda.
E’ stato strabiliante vedere come si mantenevano professionali e sorridenti, nonostante le mie goffe indicazioni. Tornata a casa, ho pensato a quanto posso imparare dal loro lavoro.
La vita non sarebbe più facile, se mi ricordassi di mettermi in posa e sorridere quando tutto attorno scoppia il caos?  Ci sono decine di manuali che assicurano che far finta di essere calmi e felici aiuta a esserlo davvero e pure Mary Poppins lo diceva  a Jane e a Michael, quando li “rimpinzava” di zucchero.
Così sono arrivata a una conclusione.

Caro figlio, la prossima volta che inizierai a strillare e a tirare calci in mezzo alla folla, senza alcuna ragione, sappi che tua madre si comporterà come Madonna in Vogue.

Primo ps. Caro capufficio, se mi chiederai di lavorare per tre, avrai la stessa reazione.
Secondo ps. Mi dispiace, ragazze, ma non ho il numero di telefono del modello.


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An italian lover of style and elegance sharing her passions and her positive thoughts. Una italiana, che ama vivere con stile ed eleganza, condivide le sue passioni e le sue riflessioni sulla felicità.

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  1. Haha! Yes, fake smiles have gotten me through more than my fair share of awful moments. I find either wine or chocolate to be quite helpful, too. : )

  2. Thank you for visiting

  3. Beautiful pink color! Awesome!

  4. It’s almost spring! How could I miss the happiest color in the world?

  5. I just spent a very snowy weekend inside my house, on the couch, in sweatpants and an old stretched out striped shirt. Your stylish blog makes me feel so ashamed… and generally lacking in daily fabulousity. I’ve got to make more of an effort to be chic. That pink outfit is so cute.

  6. Thank you for visiting!
    When I dress well I feel better.
    I’m sure that you look fabulous in sweatpants and slippers, my dear, but a little bit of blush and lipstick can make wonders when you have a rough day.
    Ps. I couldn’t resist the temptation and I bought the pink jacket for myselft.

  7. Lovely post and smart models with a class!
    Thanks 🙂


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