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Wherever I lay my book, that’s my home

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Once upon a time there was a beautiful bookstore, right in the center of Florence, where people liked to spend their time.
There were four floors where books were stored, a nice cafè-restaurant with comfortable coachs and a section with books from every part of the world.
Every important writer considered that place a no-miss in promoting his book.
And sometimes there were concerts and you could meet famous musicians.
Its name was Edison, in Piazza della Repubblica, and there wasn’t any florentine or tourist who failed to visit it when he was in the city.
Long time ago there was a girl who was inspired to write her first story there, after hours spent browsing tons of volumes, sat at one of its tables, while sipping a cappuccino.
She will always remember to have been happy there, even if Edison closed last November.
The reason why it happened is not important. Maybe for a contract of renting that came to an end or for some economical questions that were never solved. But who cares?
The fact is that someone decided to kill a temple of culture and, although so many people fought for having it back, they failed.
If you want to know more about this story, visit the link

C’era una volta un bellissimo posto, proprio al centro di Firenze, dove le persone amavano trascorrere le loro giornate.
C’erano quattro piani dove i libri erano esposti, un bel caffè ristorante con comodi divani e una sezione dedicata alle pubblicazioni provenienti da tutto il mondo.
Ogni scrittore importante lo considerava una tappa imprescindibile durante il tour promozionale delle sue opere.
Qualche volta c’erano anche concerti ed era facile incontrare musicisti di fama.
Il suo nome era Edison, in Piazza della Repubblica, e non c’era fiorentino o turista che non vi si imbattesse, quando si trovava in città.
Molto tempo fa c’era una ragazza che ebbe l’ispirazione di scrivere la sua prima storia tra quelle mura, dopo ore spese a sfogliare decine di volumi sorseggiando un cappuccino, seduta a uno dei tavoli.
Lei si ricorderà sempre di essere stata felice lì, anche se Edison ha chiuso lo scorso novembre.
Non è importante perchè sia successo. Forse per un contratto d’affitto che scadeva o forse per questioni economiche mai risolte. Ma a chi interessa? Il punto è che qualcuno ha deciso di uccidere un tempio della cultura e, sebbene tante persone abbiano lottato per impedirlo, ci è riuscito comunque.
Se vuoi sapere di più su questa vicenda, visita il link


edison sì

edison 3

edison 2

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  1. I love your sentiments here. They make me want to go to my local bookstore!

  2. Your happy memories had me thinking of my happy memories…thank you so much for the sweetness you threw in my direction!

  3. We had a similar bookstore in Ojai, CA, The Local Hero. It was a treasured place where people from all over the world came to sit, have a cup of coffee, read a book, and meet an author, some famous, some local, some unknown from elsewhere. It closed and now in its place is a restaurant. We have one bookstore left, Barts, which is a classic used bookstore to the outside with a tree growing in the middle of it, a tourist attraction, but I miss The Local Hero, it was like the heart of our little small city. Your piece reminded me of that. Thank you.

  4. Celeste mia cara, non sarai mica fiorentina, vero?? 🙂

    Kisses from Rome


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